The kitchen has always been centrally important in house.  During the Middle Ages many homes had only one room that functioned as a combined Cooking facilities and living space.   An open fire pit in the centre of the room provided both cooking and heat for the entire family, where at the end of a long working day families would gather to prepare, cook and eat food together.

Recently we have seen the return of these open plan living arrangements, and once again the preparation and enjoyment of food between families and friends has become central in many homes.

The kitchen is much more than a collection of storage cupboards; it’s a place to congregate, discuss the day's events and make important decisions as a family.  A place for homework, for preparing meals together, for eating together, for laughing together.  Again, the kitchen has become the heart of the home.

Alku is more than just a kitchen and caters to every taste.  We are proud of the range we have created, and a sure that you will be with your new Alku kitchen.  Because it’s built to last you will have confidence that you can enjoy it for years to come.


The stunning simplicity of the Aspen Shaker-style door is accentuated by its narrow frame for a decidedly modern look. This door is accompanied by a host of accessories to expand your design options to create a kitchen that meets all your expectations.

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Dekton Kelya by Cosentino, the luxurious beauty and texture of sintered stone, now available as a door.  Shown here with the Lamezia profile handle and mixed with Lesini Halifax oak wood effect handleless, the raw elegance of wood is undeniable. The Halifax oak also serves to enhance the dark brown tones found in the Dekton Kelya.

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Combining Modern and Classic, Dragor is a skinny shaker with a matte finish that adds an edgy feel to a classic design.

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A timeless classic, Etne offers style in abundance. Its subtle line detailing on the outer front of the door creates the illusion of a true in-frame kitchen but with a more affordable price tag. Etne superior smooth matte painted finish and wealth of accessories combines luxury and practicality to create a kitchen that’s perfect for everyday living and entertaining.

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Traditionally known for its classic style, the Fabor door with its internal bead exposes its lively side with the addition of a vibrant colour mix. Adorned with key features such as an ornate overmantle and oak open shelving this kitchen maintains its time-honoured appeal whilst boasting eclectic charm.

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Offering a huge number of options when it comes to colour, the Gondola kitchen, featuring a Shaker-style door with smooth painted finish, it’s ideal for those who like to experiment! Includes some feature components such as curved doors, a plate rack or classic overmantle providing options to create a traditional or contemporary style kitchen.

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The Halden kitchen with it’s integrated handle detail creates a contemporary living space.

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The ornately constructed Jenson door with its moulded, raised centre panel brings your rural space to a different level. Available in oak or any painted finish with a large selection of specially appointed accessories, the number of design possibilities are endless with this classically elegant kitchen.

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A simple shaker design with an ultra-modern twist, Kalmar takes flair and panache to the next level through a bold colour choice, industrial styling and a rich brass handleless trim. The stunning room architecture creates a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors and naturally accentuates the Bonsai Green paint colour.

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The innovative Kolton design with sloped internal profile and prominent v-grooves offers a contemporary twist on the original Shaker-style. Available in numerous colours, the visible grain on this versatile door provides a look of true authenticity.

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The warm tones of the Laguna Cashmere Grey combined with Lesini Santa Fe Oak give a modern but warm appearance. Sensa Black Beauty granite finishes off the kitchen to produce a striking yet inviting design.

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Lesini wood effects and natural elements used in combination to create a modern stylish design. The anthracite handleless trims, matching worktops and floating box end panels gives this design a modern but tactile feel.

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