The kitchen has always been centrally important in house.  During the Middle Ages many homes had only one room that functioned as a combined Cooking facilities and living space.   An open fire pit in the centre of the room provided both cooking and heat for the entire family, where at the end of a long working day families would gather to prepare, cook and eat food together.

Recently we have seen the return of these open plan living arrangements, and once again the preparation and enjoyment of food between families and friends has become central in many homes.

The kitchen is much more than a collection of storage cupboards; it’s a place to congregate, discuss the day's events and make important decisions as a family.  A place for homework, for preparing meals together, for eating together, for laughing together.  Again, the kitchen has become the heart of the home.

Alku is more than just a kitchen and caters to every taste.  We are proud of the range we have created, and a sure that you will be with your new Alku kitchen.  Because it’s built to last you will have confidence that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Solaris Gloss

Custom designed to fit an unusual space, this U-shaped kitchen brings together a fusion of styles, colours and finishes. A fine example of apartment style living. The calming colour scheme based on Solaris’ Gloss White door is enlivened by a splash of texture and colour with the inclusion of the Aspen-larder in Dust Grey.

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Solaris Matte

The Solaris Matte door offers a streamlined seamless flow with its integrated J-handle design and when coupled with a subtle colour palette creates perfect kitchen harmony. The inclusion of feature accessories such as curved pilasters or letterbox frames provide an interesting focal point. Available in matte or high gloss finishes.

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Tulusa in real wood veneer combines a trio of complementary finishes in this rectilinear kitchen design. Floor to ceiling units are cleverly used to maximise storage capacity and extensive open shelving creates a feeling of spaciousness and a place to display your cherished items. The inclusion of a compact central island provides a useful eating and food preparation area.

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Often seen in a more traditional setting, Warwick is successfully used here to add a more eclectic look and feel to this contemporary open plan living space. Brass and orange accessories effectively contrast with the rich, on trend Ocean Blue colour. Open shelving features heavily to add practical and decorative storage and gives this modern living space a sense of warmth and homeliness.

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At the contemporary end of the scale, the innovative construction of the Witford door ensures high quality durability combined with an attractive appearance. With an appealing woodgrain texture, this door can be painted, opening up a myriad of design possibilities.

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Zori Gloss

The combined features of the Zori Gloss and Tulusa doors effortlessly bring beauty and functionality together. A sense of balance is achieved with contrasting colours and finishes and an open plan room design allows for plenty of free movement around the kitchen.

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Zori Matte

Push the limits of your imagination with the combined appeal of Zori Matte and Ferro. Shown here displaying a mesmerising colour mix of smooth brass and striking blue which compliments perfectly with the exposed brick walls and dark blue elements.

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Zori Soft-Matte

The adaptability of Zori’s Soft-Matte slab design allows for a range of possibilities when it comes to designing your statement kitchen. You can achieve a sleek and spacious looking kitchen through a select choice of durable, super soft-touch colours and a clever design layout.

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The epitome of true elegance, Bergen brings both style and substance to your home with its ornately detailed inframe design and numerous accessories. Featuring a superb quality painted finish with visible woodgrain you can combine any number of colours to achieve the look you desire.

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